WorkFlow Management System:-

What Is a Workflow Management System?
How Does a Workflow System Work? A Workflow management system is software that helps to define, Administer and coordinate different business processes. In every company a variety of such ‘Workflows’ exist, always Involving several employees. An easy Workflow, for example, For which you do not actually need a Workflow management System, could be triggered by an application for vacation, because Employees from different departments have to agree.

Workflow Systems are used for transparent planning and control of every part of an enterprise - especially where employees work together and share information. Paperwork will be minimized for administration and the general process time reduced. In the production environment, the system will yield fast lead times, improved quality and will allow more sophisticated and demanding projects. Broadcasting and post-production are just two examples

Your own workflows can be easily designed without programming. First you have to put together forms with various input and output elements (picture). You have to define which tasks have to be completed subsequently by other employees, depending on the values an employee enters later during running time (task dependencies). In this way, your own “Workflow Programs”, which can control individual orders and projects, can easily be created.